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Etchen Commercial Plumbing is now offering leak detection services. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of sophisticated, state of the art listening and location equipment used to detect hard to find piping in walls, ceilings, and underground.

Our highly trained plumbing technicians are able to use sensitive listening equipment to detect the location of a variety of piping issues that are difficult to locate.

Recently, a large restaurant client of ours at a shopping mall, was losing hot water pressure, which resulted in a high water bill. Also, the constant loss of hot water underground caused the water heater to run endlessly. Which resulted in excessive heating energy costs, and a water heater failure, which was highly inconvenient and costly for the business. After careful analysis and detection our team was able to locate a large leak on a pex water line underground in the middle of the restaurant. A 24″ x 24′ section of the cement and tile floor was marked for removal. With all factors considered, this high volume restaurant was able to plan and schedule an underground repair with the least amount of disruption to their business and customers.

An underground leak is perhaps the most frustrating plumbing repair that a building occupant has to deal with. When meeting our clients, we soon realize that they have known that something was wrong for a long, long time. Water is being lost, and most often the leak never makes its presence known by seeping to the surface. Sometimes months, and even years go by without the problem being properly identified, let alone located.

Our advice to anyone reading this blog, that suspects they may have an underground leak, don’t hesitate any longer, and consult our firm, Etchen Commercial Plumbing, to assist in identifying and locating an underground leak.

This same leak detection equipment helps also locate leaks outside, underground, under the cement, in a crawl space, under the basement cement floor, under wood floors in walls, and in ceilings. Simply guessing where the leak might or should be, is the wrong approach to finding leaks to repair, because you run the risk of making multiple unnecessary openings, that we refer to as “Swiss cheese”. After a few openings, and several hours of intense demolition, your building starts to resemble the famous holes found in Swiss cheese.

Some people, approach a repair by replacing the entire pipe from an end to end. So everything in between gets demoed, and removed! Using leak detection services will save considerable time and money for finished flooring replacement, cabinet removal and replacement, and production lines, heavy equipment or large machine relocation.

At Etchen Commercial Plumbing we combine the two winning elements to leak detection; experienced, expert technicians with state of the art leak location equipment. Give our friendly staff a call and arrange for a consultation. Our firm has proudly served Southeast Michigan since 2001.

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