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Backflow Testing

Is Backflow Testing Absolutely Necessary?

Backflow testing is absolutely necessary and required annually to make sure everything is running properly. If not done, one may be faced with fines and possibly ...
Commercial Plumbing

How Commercial Plumbing Will Benefit Your Business

Commercial plumbing can benefit a variety of businesses and commercial buildings in different ways. For example, it can benefit medical facilities, restaurants, and apartment buildings.  Commercial ...
Water Tank Going Bad

Signs That Your Hot Water Tank is Going Bad

The average life-span of a hot water tank is roughly a decade. You can help extend the life of your hot water tank by providing annual ...
Common Problems with Water Heaters

Common Problems with Water Heaters

It is very important to be prepared in case a problem emerges with your residential water heater. Minor issues could lead to major problems that require ...
Commercial Sewer Cleaning in Michigan Winters

Commercial Sewer Cleaning in Michigan Winters

Annual sewer cleanings are a must for any commercial building to avoid backups and costly plumbing problems. The winter can cause drainage problems due to frozen ...
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