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The Beginning

Etchen Commercial Plumbing's heritage of professional service and quality began in Livonia in 1995. Embarking on an apprenticeship and journeyman endeavor, the foundation was laid to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to earn a master plumbing license from the State of Michigan. In 1998, the State of Michigan awarded Andrew Etchen his journeyman plumber and certified backflow tester licenses. By 2001 Andrew Etchen had earned both his master plumbers license and his plumbing contractor’s license. That same year, Andrew Etchen and his wife Sheryl opened the doors to their new commercial plumbing service and repair company.

New Services and Opportunities

The introduction of new codes and plumbing specialty equipment has prompted Etchen Commercial Plumbing to continuously invest in staff training in order to service all the new innovations the plumbing industry has to offer. Energy efficiency, safety, and  life-long dependability are the leading factors we consider when designing, installing or maintaining plumbing components in your home or building.  Each day is another opportunity for us to improve the service our clients receive, by continuously expanding technical services, our shop and specialty equipment, our truck fleet, and our personnel. We have most recently invested in state-of-the-art sewer inspection and location equipment, making the customer’s experience fast and precise. At Etchen Commercial Plumbing, our investments have created a new standard of plumbing service quality in Michigan.

Our Vision and Values

Here at Etchen Commercial Plumbing, our firm remains truly committed to operating on strict principles of professional integrity and conduct. We offer personalized customer support from basic information to installation of complex plumbing systems. Customer satisfaction is the focus of everything we do. From those beginning days in 1995, Andrew Etchen's family heritage of quality service still flows through all of the plumbing systems that we work on, as well as the people who design, sell and support them.

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