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Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is absolutely necessary and required annually to make sure everything is running properly. If not done, one may be faced with fines and possibly have the water cut off until the testing is complete. If backflow testing is not done you may risk yourself or others consuming contaminated water. The contaminated water may not always be detected by the color, taste, or odor. That is why it is crucial that the backflow testing is done yearly. 

Understanding The Backflow Test Process

The backflow testing process is standard and a lot cheaper than possibly having contamination occur and medical bills arise or even lawsuits by customers if business owners fail to get the testing done. The backflow testing process simply ensures that the cross-connection is in place properly to make sure that the potable and non-potable water are kept separate. This can be ensured by a backflow prevention device. Backflow water is non-potable. This water may be used for cleaning, but can not be consumed by any means as it may be contaminated. The testing process simply depends on the cross-connection point of the plumbing, which will determine if the water flow is correct. 

Backflow Testing with Etchen Commercial Plumbing

Etchen Commercial Plumbing is a family-owned business that has decades of experience in the commercial and residential plumbing industry. We serve Dearborn, MI, Westland, MI, Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to satisfying our customers is made clear through our company philosophy and our online testimonials. We will test and examine your entire plumbing system thoroughly for any safety hazards. Contact us to learn more about preventing backflow and its testing or any other quality service that we provide.  Contact us online or call our Detroit location at (313) 794-2609 or our Livonia location at (734) 855-6336.   

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