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Can Snaking a Drain Unclog It?

Drain augers can unclog hard-to-reach areas in drains by coiling down the drain like a snake and breaking up or pulling out the clog. When plunging isn’t doing the job, snaking the drain is the next logical step. It is highly effective because once the drain auger is in the drain it can easily navigate through the drain until it hits the clog. Once the clog is reached it can be removed by rotating the drain auger until the blockage is broken up. Once you finish snaking the drain, run your water to make sure it is flowing correctly. 

What if Snaking a Drain Isn’t Unclogging it?

Typically, professional plumbers will have more than one snake for different situations. If a normal drain auger isn’t working they may carry powerful electric drain augers that reach over 50 feet in length to reach deeper down the pipes and unclog areas in the drain system that was otherwise impossible to reach. Professional plumbers are experienced in snaking drains and know the proper techniques on how to effectively unclog a drain. If snaking the drain can’t solve the problem, professional plumbers will diagnose and fix the problem for you. 

Snaking a drain With Etchen Commercial Plumbing 

If you require professional help with snaking a drain in Plymouth, MI, Walled Lake, MI, Taylor, MI, or the surrounding areas, Etchen Commercial Plumbing can help you. With over 25 years of experience, we have the most up-to-date products and equipment to snake your drain effectively and clear hard-to-reach clogs. We are a family-owned business that will snake any drain and problem-solve to fix any of your plumbing issues. We will make it our priority to provide the most seamless process possible for handling your clogged drains. We offer a customized experience to suit our customers’ situations. If you would like to learn more about our drain snaking services or our other plumbing services contact us online or call our Detroit location at (313) 794-2609 or our Livonia location at (734) 855-6336.

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