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Backflow Testing is Essential for Safety

Why is Backflow Testing So Important?

When the flow of contaminated water reverses into clean water lines is called backflow. This can happen at the cross connections of clean and dirty water lines. It is important for the safety of the people in your building that backflow testing is done at least once a year to prevent backflow.

Backflow Testing for Safety

When backflow occurs your building’s clean water supply becomes contaminated. Your property’s dirty water lines carry water that can contain chemicals, pesticides, and human waste. A professional plumbing company is able to check your entire water system and find even the smallest error or potential hazard. They can install or preform maintenance on a backflow prevention device for your building.  It is important for the safety of the people in your building that you hire a qualified and experienced plumbing company.

Backflow Testing with Etchen Commercial Plumbing

Etchen Commercial Plumbing is a family owned business that has decades of experience in the commercial plumbing industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is made very clear through our company philosophy and our online testimonials. We will check your entire plumbing system thoroughly for any safety hazards. Let us know if you would like to learn more about backflow testing or any other quality service that we provide.  Contact us online or call our Detroit location at (313) 794-2609 or our Livonia location at (734) 855-6336.

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